The Watch D.O.G.S. 


Here is your chance to impact your children’s education and improve your role in their lives.  WatchD.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) encourages Fathers and father figures to volunteer for a day in their student’s school.  Fathers gain insight into their student’s education, help the school in volunteer tasks, and provide a positive male role model for the community.  Check the sign up link above for info on how to volunteer for a day and become a HERO OF THE HALLWAY.

This page contains all the basic info you need to become a WatchDOG.  The ABOUT link has history of the program.  The SIGN UP HERE link will take you through the volunteering process as well as special volunteering events throughout the school year.  The RESOURCES link will arm you with the knowledge you need to have a successful day, has our contact info, and UNIFORM shirt ordering instructions.   When you have completed your volunteer day, visit the  END OF DAY link to provide feedback. And the MORE WAYS TO CONNECT tab has info on other programs that provide bonding opportunities.

BUT WAIT- the role you play need not be limited to one day (or a whole day). There are many other short-term opportunities to help out! There are many programs that would benefit from having dads around: Fun Runs, Walk to school day, random carpool help, lunch buddies, mentoring students that need an additional positive influence in their lives. Check back often for short-term less-than-a-day commitments. Returning WatchDog’s please ensure you have renewed your background checks before your volunteer date.


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